About me


Hello, my nameVanessa Free 2 is Vanessa and I have been sewing, knitting and making textiles since I was little.

I made my first patchwork quilt when I was 8 (sitting on my bed sewing hexagons by torchlight after “lights out”). Then my grandmother gave me her beautiful hand operated singer sewing machine and I started making my own clothes and accessories. I even made the summer uniform dresses for my friends at school.

Having moved to Cornwall I now have a lovely workshop stocked with all sorts of resources gathered over the years and room to hold small craft workshops.

If you are passing, please drop in and say hello or take a look at some of the things I have been making here on the website.

You can find me at the Making & Mending Workshop, No.4 Station Road, St Blazey, Par, Cornwall PL24 2NF


07792 777060

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