About me

Vanessa Free 2

Hello, my name is Vanessa and I have been sewing, knitting and making textiles since I was little.

I made my first patchwork quilt when I was 8 (sitting on my bed sewing hexagons by torchlight after “lights out”). Then my grandmother gave me her beautiful hand operated singer sewing machine and I started making my own clothes and accessories. I even made the summer uniform dresses for my friends at school. Now I sew, knit and weave . I am passionate about renovating, re-using and take great pleasure in giving new life to loved items.

Having moved to Cornwall I am lucky enough to havea lovely workshop with the space to store all the treasures and resources I have gathered over the years.

Please call me if you would like to discusss a project you have in mind. 07792 777060

Making & Mending Workshop, 4 Station Road, St Blazey, Par, Cornwall PL24 2NF



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